The device is suitable if you connect an extra battery via a simple Y-cable.

The thing is that even if batteries’ voltages are equalized, later during riding, under load, due to different internal resistance, the voltages will become a little different, which can cause current to flow between the batteries from the extra battery to the original one, so the original bms wrongly detects that a charger is plugged, sending a corresponding signal to the main controller, which will stop the motor until the battery voltages are equalized again after a few minutes so there is no more charging current. It is a real fail to suddenly find yourself in such "charging mode" at a traffic light. 

This problem is solved by flashing a custom scooter firmware, where the charging mode is totally disabled.  But there are 2 annoying things:

1. Actually, you have to flash the scooter. It’s not too easy for dummies, and also  newest versions of the scooter are getting harder and harder to be flashed due to manufacturer limitations.

2. After disabling the charging mode, the scooter stops responding visually to the charger connection. It doesn't beep, doesn't show the percentage of charge on the screen, and doesn't flicker with the tail light.

My emulator is a hardware solution which sorts out the "charging mode" issue. The emulator joins the data exchange between the battery and the main controller, analyzing information about the current flowing. It checks if this current is similar to the current of the connected charger, and if not, it emulates the data as if there is no flowing current at all, so the controller does not enter the charging mode. And if the current behaves as if the charger is connected - the emulator doesn't change the data exchange, and the scooter is charging as usual, displaying percentages on the screen and blinking with the back lamp.

Please remember, with this emulator you still have to match batteries voltage before joining them, it just makes it possible to avoid flashing the scooter.

You can learn more about the emulator and extra batteries, reading the post below:

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Anti-charging emulator for M365/1S/Essential/3/PRO/PRO2

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