Xiaomi M365 battery repair by BMS replacement

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  • Xiaomi M365 battery repair by BMS replacement

Most battery problems may be solved in less than an hour, no requiring special skills and tools.

Xiaomi M365 is an excellent electric scooter, but it has a weakness: the battery, which can fail for a number of reasons.

This video demonstrates an universal solution, that allows to fix all factory defects, as well as adding new useful features to the scooter.

Please note that good condition of battery cells is necessary for successful repair. This can be checked by measuring the voltage. If cell’s voltage is in the range from 2.5 to 4.2 volts, it is OK, otherwise it must be replaced.

A short text version for people who prefer reading rather than watch the video:

1. Throw out all the electronics by Xiaomi, and get a bare battery assembly:

2. Install the repair board inside:

3. Connect the power wires:

4. Connect the balancing wires:

5. Install the temperature sensors:

6. Wrap the battery back into the film and coat with sealant:

7. Install the battery back into the scooter:

All done!

User manual for the repair BMS: http://public.embedden.com/Repair_BMS/Docs/English/repair_bms_manual_latest_en.pdf

Here are few screenshots from the user manual:

The new BMS allows to configure many parameters of the battery: capacity, discharge curve, serial number, maximum current and many others. All these parameters are described in the user manual. But if you just repair an original battery, you can leave default values; the settings are useful only if you change all the cells in the battery to new ones, or even assemble your own custom battery, equipping it with a repair BMS.

A special application is used to configure the battery:

Here you can download and install the application:


I am the developer and manufacturer of this smart BMS.

You can purchase it here: https://m365.embedden.com/repair_bms

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Russian edition of this post: https://m365.embedden.com/article_xiaomi_m365_battery_repair_by_bms_replacement_ru

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