The Repair BMS is designed to be installed inside a Xiaomi M187/M365/1S/Essential/PRO/PRO2 electric scooter battery instead of an original BMS. This is required when an original BMS fails, or when tuning the battery by replacing all cells with more capacious ones. It is also possible to use this BMS for any self-assembled 10s battery.

Pre-order. Estimated dispatch date is June 1.

Please note: I do not accept returns and no longer provide a warranty because there are more and more cases where unqualified customers burn the BMS due to incorrect connection, and then require a warranty exchange. At the same time, if you are a skilled guy, be free to order and install the BMS - it's quality is proved by years and hundreds of installations. I just protect myself from unqualified customers by voiding the warranty.

A battery equipped with the Repair BMS is recognized by the Xiaomi electric scooters as an original one, so all the original functionality is preserved. In addition, it becomes possible to flexibly configure many parameters, for example, capacity, discharge curve, serial number, maximum current, and many other parameters.

Please note that good condition of battery cells is necessary for successful repair. This can be checked by measuring the voltage. If cell’s voltage is in the range from 2.5 to 4.2 volts, it is OK, otherwise it must be replaced.

Here is a Xiaomi M365 battery repair video-tutorial:

Download Xiaomi M365 repair BMS user manual

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M365/PRO/1S repair BMS

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